Johan Pihl back as ECD at RBK

The collaboration between RBK and Doconomy, where Johan Pihl is one of the founders, has expanded, with projects like DO Black as a direct result. With the rapid progress made, Johan will now be even more active as ECD at RBK. There is an obvious value in working with the communication and innovation skills of RBK in combination with the Doconomy platform. It creates an opportunity for new development of initiatives with sustainability and traceability intimately connected to the business model. Johan will also join the board of directors at RBK.

”We know Johan well and share much of the same history and ambition when it comes to using communication and innovation in creating sustainable value in more ways than one. His work as ECD in our team leading up to DO Black is just one of many good examples. Johan will primarily work on a strategic level contributing to developing the future offering of RBK as we look to expand our horizon.” Says Kajsa Öijerholm, CEO at RBK.

Johan joins RBK coming from being a Creative Director at GreatWorks/Making waves working with projects such as The Humanium Metal Initiative, awarded with 2 Grand Prix and several other international awards. Together with Mathias Wikström he has also founded Doconomy.

“To me RBK represents a model where communication and business model development creates value through innovation. DO Black is such an innovation and a direct result of our work together with Doconomy” says Johan Pihl, ECD RBK.