DO Black – the CO2 emission limit credit card

Swedish fin-tech company Doconomy now launch the first credit card that not only helps users track and measure their CO2 emissions associated with their purchases, but also puts a limit to the climate impact of their spending. Users will also be invited to compensate for the emissions, through projects meeting the criteria of United Nations certified green projects.

“While countries are working to address climate change through the Paris Agreement, it’s clear we need much more ambitious climate action, and we need it now; but, governments cannot solve climate change alone,” says UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa, in marking the team-up of Doconomy and the Secretariat.

“Many companies are already taking steps to lower their emissions, and to create a more sustainable and resilient future. People are also thinking about the environment in their daily lives, including making more informed decisions about what they buy. That’s why we are pleased to welcome this initiative being undertaken by Doconomy,” said Ms. Espinosa.

Instead of a premium credit card with typical benefits supporting further consumption the DO Black is a radical and innovative tool to protect our planet, the first credit card with a limit to your climate impact that contribute to a more sustainable future.

DO Black is the result of RBK’s collaboration with Doconomy and an example of a new kind of creative business development with sustainability and transparency connected to the very business model.

“To me RBK represents a model where communication and business model development creates value through innovation. DO Black is such an innovation and a direct result of our work together with Doconomy” says Johan Pihl, ECD RBK.

“We all need to come to terms with the urgency of the situation and rapidly move towards more responsible consumption. With DO Black there is no more excuses,” said Doconomy CEO Nathalie Green. “Through our collaboration with UN Climate Change Secretariat and Mastercard, DO will enable people to do their part to contribute to the carbon reduction goals of 2030 and onwards.”

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